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Social Responsibility

Giving Back to Our City, Santa Monica

  • Santa Monica Sustainable Quality Award, Stewardship/Natural Environment - 2013
  • ICSC, US Design & Development Award,  Design Gold Award - 2012
  • ICSC, US Design & Development Award, Sustainable Design Gold Award - 2012
  • MAPIC High Street Award, Best-of-the-Best - 2012
  • Los Angeles Business Council (LABC), LA Architectural Retail Award - 2011
  • Los Angeles Business Journal (LABJ), Best Retail Project Award - 2011
  • NAREIT Leader in Light, Honorable Mention - 2011
  • Otis College of Art & Design, Creative Vision Award - 2011
  • PCBC Gold Nugget Award, Best Retail Project, Grand Award - 2011
  • Retail Traffic SADI - New Open-Air Center, Winner - 2011
  • ASLA, Southern California Chapter, Design Award - 2010
  • Southern California Development Forum, Commercial Building Design Award - 2010
  • Westside Urban Forum, Westside Award - 2010
  • Los Angeles Business Council (LABC), Design Concept - 2008

About the Art Works on Site

Santa Monica Place is a new nexus for fashion, food – and the visual arts – with four works of public art on site.

Christian Moeller

Christian Moeller's “Sliver” is a constantly changing commentary on media – a compelling contemporary concept for a city where an impressive percentage of people are involved with media, the arts and entertainment.

Located in the first-level Plaza, “Sliver” is a slender, 60-foot “dynamic line of light” that shows an ever-changing “sliver” of live news media – whether it is a hair’s breadth of CNN news or a pencil-thin view of the BBC. 

An internationally recognized media artist and trained architect from Frankfurt who now is a professor at UCLA, Moeller works across the globe.  His creations – ranging from hand-held objects to large-scale architectural installations – speak to the interplay of people and current media technology.  Recent permanent installations include works for airport expansions in Singapore and Sacramento.  In Southern California, Moeller has created installations at the Pasadena Art Center, an inventive interactive work, “Mojo,” for the City of San Pedro, and most recently, "Pushing" for the new W Hotel in Hollywood.

"Gateless Gates/Where Land and Water Meet"
18th Street Art Center

Curated by filmmaker, videographer and teacher Ben Caldwell, "Gateless Gates / Where Land and Water Meet" is a new interactive installation from Santa Monica's 18th Street Art Center that projects the work of several artists onto the floor of the Colorado Avenue entrance of Santa Monica Place.  The changing images invite interactivity and explore the meeting of land and water, city and ocean – themes that are also at work in the design of Santa Monica Place. 

The installation uses animation, still photography and video from Caldwell and artists including Michael Miner, producer, writer (including the movie "RoboCop") and still photographer; Adrien Baird, who earned two Emmys for work on "South Park"; animator Masha Vasilkovsky; and Loyola Marymount professor, artist Carlos Spivey.

Now in its 21st year as a non-profit organization, 18th Street Art Center has sponsored over 1,000 artists through its residency program and hosts an ongoing calendar of shows at its location on 18th Street in Santa Monica's Pico neighborhood.

Ball Nogues Studio, Los Angeles

Parking Structure 7

 “Cradle” is an aggregation of mirror-polished, stainless steel spheres and the sculpture operates structurally like an enormous Newton’s Cradle – the ubiquitous toy found on the desktops of corporate executives. Each ball is suspended by a cable from a point on the wall and locked in position by a combination of gravity and neighboring balls.  As a whole, the balls imply an articulated surface suggestive of foam or sea life.

Principals in Charge: Benjamin Ball, Gaston Nogues Project Team: Andrew Lyon, Tim Peeters, Will Trossell Custom Software Development; Pylon Technical Structural Engineer: Buro Happold, Los Angeles

Anne Marie Karlsen

Parking Structure 8

The circular wheel motif in the artwork is loosely inspired by the structure of the recently retired Pacific Wheel on the Santa Monica Pier.  Viewers will discover the abstracted shapes in the circular forms are in fact, photographic images the artist has taken of the Pacific Wheel in motion.  The composition is meant to create a sort of whirling, topsy-turvy effect that one experiences on an amusement ride.  The art work acknowledges a part of Santa Monica history, and allows the viewer to decode the photographic information.

Anne Marie Karlsen is an artist and professor at Santa Monica College whose work is part of public venues ranging from the California State Capitol to the North Hollywood MTA station.

Contribution Requests & Guidelines 

Local arts and arts education come together as a special focus area for Santa Monica Place. We are interested in your projects and programs in this area, although we are unable to fund all requests.

Based on our criteria, we do not provide support for:

  • Organizations without a current 501 (c)(3) exempt status
  • Individual pursuits or private foundations
  • Religious groups (except for secular activities open to those of all faiths)
  • Service clubs, fraternal organizations and sports teams

Your request must include:

  • Date of your request
  • Name of your organization and mission statement
  • Description of how gift will be used
  • Date donation is needed by
  • Contact name, mailing address, phone number and email address


Submit your request to:

Santa Monica Place
Attention: Marketing Department
395 Santa Monica Place, Suite 222
Santa Monica, CA 90401

We love Santa Monica as much as you do. Our community is our home — where we work and play, just like you. We understand there's no other place in the world like Santa Monica, and we're honored to be a part of this energetic and inspiring city. Just as much as we respect the city we live in, Santa Monica Place is committed to ongoing green efforts, within and outside our physical walls. 

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