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Elie TahariNew Elie Tahari Store is Open!

The new chic beachside Elie Tahari location is now open at Santa Monica Place! Elie Tahari's womensw...

Now through October 31, 2021 >

PANDORAEngraving at Pandora

Pandora is now offering engravings on all their charms. During your visit to the store you choose an...

Now through October 18, 2021 >

Smize CreamNew Flavor at SMiZE Cream

Music meets ice cream! Lionel Richie has teamed up with Tyra Banks and the SMiZE Cream experts to cr...

Now through October 18, 2021 >

Gourmandise School Of Sweets and SavoriesOnline Cooking Classes

The Gourmandise School offers online cooking classes, for beginners to professionals, focusing on te...

Ongoing >

Live Weekend DJ Performances

Enjoy our open-air shopping experience to the beats of the beach. Live DJ performances in Center Pl...

Now through October 31, 2021 >